Warning: Contains Nipples

When I got an email today from those bad boys at Tee Pee Records telling me that The Shrine have just released a video for their track ‘Tripping Corpse’ and then warning me that it contains the following:

  • Weed
  • Doing lines off of Coven’s Witchcraft Destroys Minds & Reaps Souls LP
  • Skateboards
  • Huffing paint
  • Shirtlessness
  • Whiskey by the bottle
  • Untying leather bustiers
  • Car batteries on the nipples

I knew just who I needed to tell about it. You, dear reader.

I think we have all been shown a valuable lesson there that shirtlessness can, if allowed to rampage unchecked, lead to fiery auto death; don’t let it happen folks.  Best thing about this whole video for me? the fact that they have a sticker in their van that reads ‘What would Hüsker Dü?’. We are not worthy.

As this so deeply appeals to my inner 15 year-old, this may now be my favourite rock video ever-ish.  I never thought I’d find one that came close to Red Fang for sheer adolescent-ishness, but I was so wrong:

485 Down (Still)


19 thoughts on “Warning: Contains Nipples

    1. That has to be the right way around – I just tried watching the video to ‘Wired For Sound’ and playing ‘Spit In My Life’ and it didn’t work.

    1. It’s how I want to live! I think the headband is the real key to it all, once you get that right everything else follows.

      What would you go for? personally I think I’ll either go floral, or for a Japanese rising sun one.

      Man, stay off the silver paint though, its WAY gnarly!

      1. I want to live these guys’ lives. So fucking cool. If I was 13 I would definitely aspire to be these fucking guys. That’s why I think you would love the movie FUBAR — a movie basically about 2 of these guys. Canadian ones.

  1. I will confess that, despite the dog dirt on their footwear, the Husker Du gag and the title Tripping Corpse are pretty hilarious. Today I’ve been mainly listening to “I Can’t Go Back to Savoury Now” by John Shuttleworth.

    1. Who could fail to love this cautionary tale? I think its great that we have stand-up guys like this showing the children of the world that despite what their ‘friends’ may tell them, huffing paint and electrocuting your own nipples just isn’t cool.

      Shrine / Shuttleworth – pretty much alphabetically connected. I love John Shuttleworth, friend of mine saw him live and said he laughed so hard that he snorted very loudly like a pig, then sat there very self-consciously for the rest of the night.

      1. Im a sucker for songs that address the big universal issues of life like that.

        I know him because Im a Rado 4 geek. Did you also know he was Jilted John too? One of my favourite singles EVER!!

      1. Yeah it woulda been real manly. This was November of 2011 and I’m really sure I had no idea who the hell they even were.

        WHOA MAN I just had a moment of total deja vu, like we’ve had this conversation before!

        No wait. There’s no such thing as deja vu! It’s a glitch in the Matrix! Run for the phone! Run for the goddamned PHONE!!!

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