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Here’s what really inspired my last ZZ Top post.  The plaque marking the sight of the Texan embassy*, which was active between 1842 and 1845 on, the very plush, St James Street in London.  England was all for Texas staying independent, even going so far as to offer to guarantee their borders between the US and Mexico, purely for tactical reasons of course rather than anything more moral.

How history could have been different.

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*okay, okay, Texan legation – if you want to go and get all accurate on me!

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    1. Ever see that brilliant documentary that Rich Hall made about Texas? Amazing. If not, try and track it down. It really does seem like another country.

      1. It’s on Youtube. Woo hoo! I had no idea it was the comedian Rich Hall. Loved him on SNL back in the 80s. Great observational humor, almost absurdist at times.

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