She Had It Coming, Man!

Rivers Edge 01

Ever seen the film River’s Edge? I caught it once by accident when I was about 19 and it really shocked me how good and how plain weird it was, although that could have been due to the fact that it was on TV at about 3am and I’d just stumbled in from a serious night out.  I’ve only seen it one other time about four years later when one drunken night I mentioned it during a conversation about Dennis Hopper to a friend of mine, who told me he had this cool video of a film that hardly anyone had seen called … it was about 3am again and I may have fallen asleep just before the end.  In fact come to think of it I seriously doubt whether this film exists in any other proper time continuum, I rather suspect it just phases in and out of existence between 2.30 and 4.30am to those who have reached a suitable state of enlightenment.

Rivers Edge 05

The film deals with a group of small town high schoolers, one of whom strangles his girlfriend for no adequately explained reason, possibly even out of boredom (‘Did you love her?’, ‘She was alright’, he says later) and shows her naked body to his friends.  The film really deals with issues of group morality and humanity as one or two characters want to go to the police, going against the pack mentality.  Add in layers of dope use, lots of driving around listening to Slayer, a gun or two and in a brave bid to avoid all typecasting, Dennis Hopper playing a drugged-out psychopath called Feck who lives with a blow-up sex doll and sells dope out of a boarded-up house and you have the whole shebang.  It’s a long time since I watched it but I remember Keanu Reeves being very good as the teen who breaks ranks and hey, if you’re looking for a man to play a psychotic oddball then Hopper’s his name, although it’s the amorality of the murderer and Crispin Glover’s* character, Layne, that really stood out for me.  It’s not a brilliant film but it is good, the claustrophobic atmosphere of a grim small town being captured particularly well.

But I’m not here to review films I saw a long time ago whilst drunk and tired to the point of hallucinating, I stumbled across a US import copy of River’s Edge: The Soundtrack Album To The Most Controversial Film Of The Year**18 years ago today, coincidentally and snapped it up for next to nothing.  It’s a funny one, not in a Ha-Ha sense of the word either.

Rivers Edge 04

Released on Metal Blade Records it is 6/9 thrash metal, 2/9 punk and 1/9 reggae.  It kicks off with ‘Lethal Tendencies’ by Hallows Eve, which is my favourite metal track here – lots of great bass and bottom end to this one, played at an unhurried pace with great vocals, every word hits out like a slap in the face.  I don’t even remember Hallows Eve and I didn’t even recognize the LP covers when I looked them up earlier which is unusual for me, so are they unfairly forgotten? I have no idea, over to you.  The Fates Warning track ‘Kyrie Eleison’ (NOT a Mr Mister cover!), goes a bit too operatic for my personal tastes and ends up in Iron Maiden tribute act country, which is not somewhere I’d choose to go for my holidays.

There are four early Slayer tracks here (4/9 of the LP, or 80% of the metal quotient on River’s Edge) from Show No Mercy and Haunting The Chapel.  They’re okay, but to my mind Slayer only got to be something else when they got to Reign In Blood.  These tracks are full of the usual teenager lyrics about death, murder, demons, death and murder (‘Satan’s child now stalks the earth / Born from my demon seed’ – Captor of Sin, Ewwww!), which fits in perfectly.  The best Slayer track here is the galloping ‘Evil Has No Boundaries’, which is the only one where they turn the treble down enough and the bass up enough to give it some real substance.  It is interesting that you can really hear where Slayer came from in these tracks, a sped up version of earlier metal in general and Judas Priest in particular – ‘Tormentor’ could effectively be a Pries track, Rob Halford scream at the end and all.

A quiet night in at Chez Slayer
A quiet night in at Chez Slayer

The non-metal stuff here is a strangely mixed bag.  Agent Orange, who I always thought of as a hardcore punk band, give us ‘Fire in the Rain’ which given an FX pedal or two could be a U2 offcut and not a very good one either.  Burning Spear ‘Happy Day’ which closes the album, which I don’t remember in the film at all, is okay but suffers from that 1980’s overproduction that reggae bands went in for back then, giving what could have been a very good tune indeed an annoyingly superficial feel; not great, go for anything off the titanic Marcus Garvey album instead.  Best of all though is The Wipers ‘Let Me Know’ which I really enjoyed, tuneful with a brilliant raw guitar sound it was a bit of a revelation to me and doesn’t really sound like anyone else I know – The Wipers are definitely on my ‘to-do’ list, I only knew them from Nirvana’s cover of ‘D7’ before this.

Rivers Edge 06

So there you go, dark, non-commercial, oppressive and amoral the soundtrack fits the film perfectly, can’t say I reach for it too often though. Which is as it should be, would you really want to hang with someone who listened to this day in, day out? that’d be a fast-track to living in a boarded-up bungalow, selling dope to kids, on the run from a murder rap and dancing alone at night with a blow-up doll.  I’m not quite ready for that yet.

Rivers Edge 03

340 Down.

*Did you know his middle name really is Hellion? I was vastly impressed by that fact.

**Henceforth to be known as River’s Edge in order to save on my BOLD Budget.

14 thoughts on “She Had It Coming, Man!

  1. One of my favorite films of my teenage-dom. What’s that say about me? Who cares, Feck loves me just the same.

    I think the most shocking character for me was Reeves little brother. Sure, the guy strangled his girlfriend for no reason. He was a psychopath. But the little brother, you got to see a psychopath in the beginning stages. The Larvae stage, if you will. He still has a chance at redemption with the right motivation and encouragement; but an upbringing in the desolate, grey, and dirty lower class Pacific Northwest will surely not turn his fate to the light. He’ll end up just like the psychopath that strangled his girlfriend and showed her dead body off like it was no big deal. It was a harrowing and claustrophobic film that spoke more about class lines and dead end teens than the music they listened to and the drugs they ingested. Broken homes, abusive parents, substance abuse, and kids that feel they aren’t worth a sh*t. River’s Edge was a horror movie about reality.

    I didn’t realize there was so much Slayer on this album. I remember the Hallow’s Eve song well. This is all classic 80s Metal Blade fare.

    One more thing, the kid that was Reeves’ little brother was also in another one of my favorite 80s flicks, the vampire classic ‘After Dark’. Lance Henrickson, Bill Paxton, Adrian Pasdar, and that creepy kid from ‘River’s Edge’. Civil War-era vampires driving across the US in a beat up Winnebago devouring the blood of drunks in small-town bars. Paxton’s performance was Ocsar-worthy.

    1. You’re very right it is a very grey film. I remember feeling sorry for Keanu’s mum in the film. ‘A horror movie about reality’ – that’s damn fine, I may erase your comment and steal it for my own! Mwah-ha-ha-haa!

      I’ve never seen ‘After Dark’, although I have heard it was damn good.

      1. You should most definitely seek After Dark out. Damn good indeed.

        I felt bad for his mom as well. Sons doing God knows what, piece of sh*t boyfriend,…single mom scenario.

    1. I think there’s a definite market for Lego sets depicting violent films – I’m still working on my Saw IV one, but the Wild Bunch set is ready to go.

    1. I prefer a fatter bottom end and since I can’t possibly type anything after that without going ‘fnarr, fnarr!’ I shan’t!

      Do you remember hallows Eve?

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