Straight Outta Perth

Ever wondered what the connection is between AC/DC and Soft Machine? wonder no more, dear reader.

Funnily enough as I write this there are sheep being sheared on the TV behind me*, on 18 July 1988 it was my turn.  On the way back from a W.O.M.A.D festival with my parents we stopped off in Bristol and I bought an LP by Mournblade and Bon Scott With the Valentines The Early Years.  What can I say? I still hadn’t collected all of AC/DC’s LPs yet and here I was grasping at an LP mostly because it had ‘AC-DC Collectors Edition’ on the front cover – the signs weren’t good, this was a youth who’d go on to buy many wonderful and quite a few very pants records in the future.  I confidently predict that, retroactively.

The face that launched a thousand chicks
The face that launched a thousand chicks

Let’s see what I got.  There’s Bon fifth from the left, leering not unlike an oversexed Mr Darcy, looking pretty much like the wild one in the Valentines.  In fact the rest of the band all look pretty baby-faced and innocent, a pattern which would repeat itself to a lesser extent with his band after next.  I would imagine Perth’s Valentines, formed in 1966 with co-vocalist Vince Lovegrove (who went on to manage the Divinyls, later in life), were similar to a lot of local bands dotted about the world at the time, capable players looking to get in late on the swinging 60’s.  The liner notes** enthuse about the Valentines rocking it up at the Swanbourne Surf Lifesaving Club and having some minor hits in the Perth charts.

The Valentines, like almost everyone dealt mostly in covers and for an AC/DC scholar it’s interesting to see the writing credits Vanda & Young on the LP’s small print, the Valentines covered two tracks by the Easybeats, ‘Peculiar Hole In The Sky’ (not very good) and ‘She Said’ (better).  The only track I liked on The early Years when I bought it was their cover of the Phil Spector ‘To Know You is to Love You’, which I’d never heard the original of at the time, simply because it had the best tune.

Bon Scott 03

The music, I’m sorry to say is pretty bland most of the time, well maybe bland isn’t the most sympathetic way of putting it, maybe ‘formulaic’ might be a kinder interpretation.  It’s late 60’s pop, a few touches of psychedelia here and there, but nothing too way out, just enough to show what year it was.  It is all very tame until you come to the cover of the Small Faces ‘I Can’t Dance With You’, I don’t know the original at all but this was much more like it, a bit of a blast, some jarring organ and a few rough edges on show.  The lyrics strike me as pure blueprint Bon,

You know I can’t dance with you
I can’t move to the way you’re dancin’
Then turn down the light when it comes to romancin’
Look out, girl
Hey, you know you
You know you make me wanna move
You know I can’t move to the way you’re dancin’

Stick that over a heavy enough backing track and you’ve almost got an offcut from the original Aussie version of High Voltage.  It’s the only time on the LP you can locate any of AC/DC’s DNA.

Don't take the bait!!
Don’t take the bait!!

The connection with Soft Machine? the Valentines covered Soft Machine’s only single, ‘Love Makes Sweet Music’.  Badly.

So there you have it, Bon Scott The Early Years, not a trace here that he’d become my favourite shirt-off vocalist.  Still I learned my lesson I’d never get suckered like that again, paying out my hard-earned for hastily repackaged tunes from before someone was famous/good.  I stuck by that too^.

No-one shears me!

294 Down.

*Honestly, Tudor Monastery Farm on BBC; what can I say it’s just the way I roll, I’m a history geek.

**its been about three posts since I mentioned how much I live for liner notes, so I’ll just mention it here.

^it was at least two months before I bought Brian Johnson Strange Man – basically it should have been called, Brian Johnson The Early Years.

17 thoughts on “Straight Outta Perth

  1. As in most things in life, you are better to not eat the seeds and wait for the fall harvest when everything has grown and matured. Most Rock Artist fall into the same category except for the fact most don’t mature.

  2. Funny enough, I wrote an AC/DC review for future publishing. Cool synchronicity.

    I’ve never heard this, but I heard another compilation of early Bon Scott material. As big an AC/DC fan as I am, I passed on it. As you say here, it didn’t have any of AC/DC’s DNA at all. Wish I could remember the name of the band.

      1. No, my method is completely scattershot. If I was methodical like that I’d never finish. I just write about whatever the hell I feel like listening to, basically.

      2. Me too mostly, but I thought I’d try some method, B is possibly my biggest section (maybe tied with M). It stops the 20 minute choose-pause.

      3. My M section is massive, mostly because there are easily 100 in the Marillion section alone. Add in a near-complete Metallica catalogue, singles included? That M section be bursting.

        Kim Mitchell…

        Max Webster…


        Motley Crue…

  3. I reckon you’re being a bit tough on ‘Love Makes Sweet Music’. It’s a sturdy, well-delivered pre-psychedelic beat/pop cover. The vocal is good and the fuzzed guitar just fine.
    Learned something new, too. Didn’t know Bon’s mob had covered The Easybeats stab at psychedelia, ‘Peculiar Hole In The Sky’. So thanks for that. Now go back and listen to LMSM again.

      1. Some I love, a lot sticks in my gullet. I tend to like the later rockier strains more. I have been known to say unkind things about Donovan.

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