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I’ve had a frustrating day today, I’m tired and I’ve not managed to get the things done that I really wanted to achieve today.  What’s worse, is that in the 1537 household we’re all equally tired and equally crabby today and it was too wet to get a proper walk done.  So tonight I was looking to soundtrack my frustration and picked out Superchunk On The Mouth which I bought as soon as it came out in 1993.  They were highly touted in that far off era of grunge and American alternative rock, but at the time, apart from one track I couldn’t really see the point and I doubt whether I’ve spun this more than three times in 20 years.

Plus points: it’s on beautiful bright yellow vinyl which is always a treat, the track ‘Precision Auto’ is brilliant, umm, yeah, that is to say I, umm, yeah is it still raining out? Superchunk were famed for their first, I think, single ‘Slack Motherfucker’ back in 1990 and for being a real blast live – I never quite got to see them though.

On The Mouth 02

First track, ‘Precision Auto’ is just a perfect sped-up, angular tearaway track – but don’t take my word for it listen below. It’s frantic, a bit jarring and just overdosing on kinetic energy,

Do not pass me just to slow down

I’ll move right through you

All in all, bang on perfect and a track I still listen to a lot on all manner of playlists.  I recorded ‘Precision Auto’ onto the beginning of my Rage Against The Machine cassette, and when it stops I just crave and expect the start of ‘Bombtrack’, the two tunes go together perfectly.  In the context of On the Mouth though, it smacks into ‘From The Curve’.  Like the bulk of the tracks on this LP it’s fast and churning and the band sound like they’re having a good time, but it’s lacking in any real dynamics or much of a tune.  Next track ‘For tension’ is better again, but the same criticism remains.

On The Mouth 01

I write notes if I’m listening to something I haven’t heard for a long time so I can bring you my opinions fresh out of the oven, rather than a bit half-baked but after about four tracks I gave up here.  With honourable mentions for  ‘I Guess I remembered it Wrong’ and ‘The Question is How fast’, it is just all too samey to distinguish between, a bit reminiscent of a sped-up angrier REM at times.  I fear you could wall me up in a cellar with no distractions, light or reading material having On The Mouth pumped in constantly to me day and night and I would struggle at the end of the week to explain exactly how ‘Mower’ differs from ‘New Low’, or ‘Flawless’*.  Now this may come over as a bit rich, given my two favourite bands are AC/DC and Ramones, however they both had enough tunes and minor variations packed away inside their formula to avoid any such cold stew.  Sadly the one time they really mess with the formula, on ‘Swallow That’, by slowing it all down is awful, turgid even.

I was hoping for an overlooked gem tonight, something to sweep away my fatigue and Grrrr-ness generated by a totally pants day, what I got was a vinyl version of my day so far.  Not what the doctor ordered.  Sorry guys, but I heartily recommend you grab a download of ‘Precision Auto’ as fast as you can.

On The Mouth 03

270 Down.

*should any of you regular readers be depraved psychopaths with a very literal turn of mind, please don’t make this particular dream of mine come true, just go back to your safe place and finish gnawing on that thigh bone from the last blogger you walled up alive.

21 thoughts on “Precision Auto

      1. Never bothered me because I appreciate the intention behind the tune. England got really behind them in the early days. I probably wouldn’t sing along… but it’s one of the greatest albums of all time.

      2. In Canada if I want to buy a kilt,I go to a store called A Touch of Scotland. It’s a chain and there are several outlets. If I want a loincloth, I have to go all Ted Nugent and make it myself from the skin of beasts.

      3. Skin of my enemies is best but sometimes if I want to fill out my wardrobe I use a backstreet loincloth seller that operates out of the Barras market most Sundays. The spikes and chains are best bought online these days…

  1. Wow! You’re not kidding about Precision Auto. That’s some energy to spare. I like it, but too-samey scares me, exactly like it always does. Still, for an entry-level piece, this actually gets me excited about hearing more.

  2. Quite brave of you to go for a less known disc. Under such trying circumstances I generally reach towards the known. I call it ‘integrative’ music though when the choice is, say, early Sabbath, others in the household seem to have a different response.
    (Should we be worried that the final photo is LegoMan alone? Buy flowers, quick)

    1. It was an act of hope; a foolish one. I know exactly what you mean, sometimes you just want to immerse yourself in the warm bath of a known LP, piggybacking on good memories.

      Hell, lets not over egg things here, I had a bit of a wasted day that’s all? it’s not like I scratched a rare 10″, or broke both legs in a horrific dog bathing accident.

      Last photo isn’t symbolic at all! I’m sure he’ll be pictured partying on with the rest later on this week!

    1. Yup and we’re halfway through this LPs good points right there. I really don’t like being negative but you have to be on occasion if you want to be honest about everything and if you’re not, why write?

      1. Yeah, it’s just being honest. But I also think you can justify owning music you don’t rate highly if it has some kind of redeeming value. To me, Lego-yellow vinyl has already sealed the deal, it just the perfect fit for the 1537 cast of figures!

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