The Finest Japanese Bossa Nova Concept LP Ever

Yoshinori Sunahara 04

Welcome visitor,  Come in, come in.  What this place? oh, you’re really too kind – it’s just the standard orbital space-age bachelor pod.  Yes I’ve just got twenty or so of my favourite people around, just the usual mix of poets, avant-designers, film stars and models; yeah my standard Monday night.  Now, come on, no standing on ceremony around here, shoes off and here’s a glass of an exquisite spirit yet to be released to the general public, I named it Deng-Vu Juice; tastes like wood smoke, Turkish delight and pleasant regrets doesn’t it? now just through there on your left are the love pods where perfect (or imperfect if that’s what your tastes run to) highly trained solar concubines, of either, or both, sexes, will dally with you whenever you choose.

In just over twenty minutes my friend the celebrated laser sculptor Hiro Muratumi is going to put on a display, the likes of which has never been seen before, soundtracked by the first public airing of a long-lost Bach toccata.  After that I thought we’d watch the only copy of Johnny Cash Live From San Quentin film in existence, before I ceremonially burn it.  But before all that I’d like to introduce you to those three ladies in the corner, they control the world economy, they are the ladies-behind-the-men-behind-the chancellors.  What did you say? oh the music? well actually I went through quite a few LPs before I could find one, dare I say it, cool and righteous enough to soundtrack my soiree, you know how important the right background sounds are don’t you? well I needed something that was so cool, it actually bypassed the entire human auditory function and just resonated on a level of molecular cool, it is Yoshinori Sunahara Pan Am: The Sound of ’70s from 1999.  They do say it is the finest Japanese bossa nova concept LP about an airline ever.

Yoshinori Sunahara 02

I bought this mail order from the wonderful Adrians’ Records in Wigan after reading that it was a Japanese bossa nova concept LP about flying, how could I not have? in fact the way I work is that from the second I read that, there was a Japanese bossa nova concept LP about flying-shaped hole in my record collection.  There is just something beautifully styled and totally proportionate about the sleeve, the inner label and quite a bit of the music.  It is exceedingly cool, in a kind of stylized retro-tinted manner.

Yoshinori Sunahara is a DJ and a leading proponent of Shibuya-Kei, a mix of bossa nova / French and Tropicalia styles of Gilberto Gil, a sort of easy-listening banquet.  I only know this because I looked him up for the very first time ten minutes ago, I wouldn’t want you to think I’m the sort of guy who just casually knows stuff like this.

Yoshinori Sunahara 03

The first two tracks here are by far the best, ‘Theme From Take-Off (Magic Sunset)’ sets the mood perfectly, muttered flight announcements – check cheesy keyboards, engage bossa and we’re off! I also like ‘The New World Break (Exo Mix)’, which to my ears sounds like the kind of cool easy hip-hop/house peddled by the likes of Dimitri From Paris, to great effect, years ago.  After that really, apart from ‘Sun Song ’70 (Bossa Version)’* I’m afraid it turns to sonic mulch and blurs, whether my cool reserves are insufficient to maintain contact with this mother lode, or whether it is too schmaltzy I can’t really determine – the end result is the same, whenever I feel like a hunk of Japanese bossa nova concept LP, I just spin the first side.  I am pleased to own it though and when I get my own TV show I may use ‘Theme From Take Off’ over the opening credits.

… so my friend how did you enjoy my holiday photos from my trip to Narnia? I know, I know I’m very partial to the faun porn myself.  Now before we feast on the best vegetarian food, ever even conceived, let alone cooked, let’s have Pan Am: The Sound of ’70s one more time whilst you meet the Dalai Lama  …

Yoshinori Sunahara 01

258 Down.

*Do I therefore assume there must be a grindcore version out there too?

12 thoughts on “The Finest Japanese Bossa Nova Concept LP Ever

  1. Sorry, I was orbiting Venus in my Molecular Time Shifter(the ABA-3, not the ABA-2.5) and didn’t see this one last night. I’m currently in my lifespace Biosphere on Tralfamadore. As soon as I return I’d love to discuss global economy phrasings with your ladies-behind-the-men-behind-the-chancellors. And what is Muratumi’s binary structure code? I’d like to discuss the possibility of a laser sculpture of my androgynous pet spider monkey/Secretary of the Inferior, Mr. Maudlin.


      1. Supremely cool people, indeed. There’s a four-story high painting of Vonnegut on the side of a building in Indianapolis. I saw it up close and in person last summer. It was a religious experience.

        Hi ho.

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