I Pledge Allegience

Something good happened to me yesterday. Something Black Spiders related.

I know all the metal, wild cough mixture binges and non-stop sticking it to the man can sap your brain cells in their thousands, so let me remind you all of when I wrote about Black Spiders Sons of The North at the back-end of June.  I stumbled across their entry on Pledge Music, seeking funding for their follow-up LP This Savage Land.

If you’re not familiar with the site/concept, basically bands and artistes get to pitch their ideas to you and ask you, the public, to buy into it and pay them up front for various agreed packages – for example I pledged for a signed vinyl copy of This Savage Land and tickets for a gig in Manchester in October.  Marillion and Ginger Wildheart have previously used the same tactic really successfully, in fact Slash’s next project has been funded the same way too.  I really recommend you check it out, there are some really intriguing things knocking around out there and when it’s done with wit and panache like Black Spiders have it’s just good to be part of.

Anyhoo, I got an email yesterday to tell me that the download copy of This Savage Land had, umm, landed and so it kept me company this morning on my daily commute.  First impressions are great, that it is a fiercer, better played even, upgrade on Sons of The North and I can’t wait to thrash around in Manchester to the likes of ‘Knock You Out’ and ‘Raised by Wolves’.  I’m also particularly taken with the borderline-AD&D spoken word outro on ‘Creatures’.  In short I’m very happy, even without the lovely vinyl in my hand.  One of my favourite things about Black Spiders is the fabulous artwork by their guitarist, Ozzy Lister, so to tide me over until next week, my son had a 10-minute go at reproducing it here:

This Savage Land
Ah well, I’m sure he has other talents .. and it’s still 79.5% better than I could do anyway.


238 Down (still).

10 thoughts on “I Pledge Allegience

    1. Way more necro! I may call on his talents again later.

      The blue vinyl LP of it came today. There is an amazing poster with it too, the cover image is a tiny detail of the whole image.

      I agree too, I like the way it generates a real bond with the band though.

      1. I like that too and it’s great for the band you feel super passionate about. I gave Marillion cash up front knowing they’d deliver the goods but I don’t know how many bands I’d feel that way about… don’t even feel that way about Marillion any more haha.

    1. About 25%, but I’ve got quite a few that are gonna be a bit of a challenge, dance ones with plain sleeves – metal is always good to do though. I did learn early on that people want pictures with their words, I may revisit some of my earlier posts with better visuals.

      I’m also thinking of setting up a gallery of my Greatest Hits, not quite sure of the best way to do it though. Or is that just egotism?

  1. I think I like your son’s version a little better. It looks a little more space-man like and, thus, adds some cool conceptual clashing to it.

    I wouldn’t want this model of musical finance to be the norm, but I do like it. It’s a kind of collective patronage. Rather than wait for the lord of the manor (major label A&R guy) to accept you, you collect scraps from the peasant’s tables. I like it.

    1. Thank you David – I’ll pass that on.

      You could also see it as a bit of a peasant’s revolt too. It’s worth having a poke around on the website, I’m 98% certain I’m about to pledge again, but I’ve not chosen the project yet.

      You do realize we may finally have found a way to finance our long-overdue musical collaboration? although I can’t quite decide which one.

      1. Great stuff – I suggest we offer a super deluxe Hot-tub experience & free LP download for £35; and free download and car valeting by the ‘band’ for £55.

        Millionaires by Christmas, mark my words.

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