Just in case you’re wondering if I’m dead, or not – I’m not. Just having a couple of weeks away from it all.

Discovered Trooper beer today too.

Life is good.

223 Down (still).


23 thoughts on “Holidays Rock!

  1. Exchange the cold days for the sun
    A good time and fun
    Let me take you far away
    You’d like a holiday

    — from the collected masterworks of German scholar “Scorpions”

    Just don’t fall through…..


      1. Great idea but I think the issue there would be expiry. Would you be a 20 year old carton as a collectible?

        Was Motley Brew also a beer?

        I do like collecting hot sauces. I had a bottle for Joe Perry’s Boneyard Brew, that was GREAT sauce. I also have Cheech’s Habonero Sauce. I’d love some of Mad Anthony’s hot sauce.


      1. And I bet Seb Bach is still a bit pissed off by my review of ‘I Remember You’ – he’ll be well connected through his posh school friends; I have no evidence for this at all, but he is clearly behind it all.


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