My backing singers - the fabulous 1537-ettes !!
My backing singers – the fabulous 1537-ettes !!

Hola, amigos!

200 Down.  In real life, I’m not very good at sticking at stuff, okay so I’m very stubborn and I hate to get beaten, but I’m not really the tenacious type.  So I really am very pleased to be 1/7.685 th of the way through the 1537 at the 7-month mark – should all be done by late 2016 at this rate.

I really didn’t want to start off with all manner of grand intentions and then fade away after 23 records, leaving yet another thing undone in my life; I didn’t want to stuff the blog into the cupboard along with the as-new squash racquets and a wet suit that looks at me reproachfully every time I open the door.  So I am pleased to be standing where I am, but I can’t take the credit for that.

You can.

I am so pleased to have found myself a little constituency of people in this here corner of the internet, who may occasionally smile at nonsense I have spent time planning at work, or who are (Lord help you) occasionally amused by my Lego-isms.  So thank you all; every like, every comment, spurs me on to do more – so you’ve only got yourselves to blame, idiots!  I hope I can do the same for you.

Thank you all, with your funny names and exotic locations, but particularly David Orange, jhubner73, Mikeladano, Heavy Metal Overload, 80’s Metalman, Victim of the Fury, Beatthemtodeathwiththeirownshoes, Vinyl Connection and anyone I may have forgotten; if this was a CD you’d all be in the small print below the bits where I thanked my parents, Smirnoff, Zildjian and Southern Comfort.

200 Down (still).

13 thoughts on “7.685

  1. There IS a sense of an odd little community, isnt’ there? And in this cold alienating world… oh stop I’m making myself sick. Now I must trawl back to the first post and find out what it all means.

    1. OK, I get it. First time I read, I thought it was some sort of giant rock-crossword: 185 Down. Congrats, by the way. I’ve been blogging for two months now so admire your stamina and sustained creativity (not to mention the lego. Inspired.)
      PS. Today was the first day of my “No new LP purchases in July” policy. So I ordered the first 4 Ramones on vinyl and picked up 3 LPs at Op Shops.
      PPS. What about a competition to guess how many LPs you REALLY have now?

      1. Wow – what a great idea, just wait until I start the Across clues!!

        I often make ‘no more music ’til Christmas pledges’. For some reason my legendary stubbornness doesn’t seem to help me there!

  2. Actually you found us by starting your blog, and yes the Lego avatars are awesome. Just waiting for the “Lone Ranger” ones to appear.

  3. Oh, there you go giving me a little credit while you deserve a lot for my own blog with your friendliness and snark. Keep it up because by 8 times this volume I’ll wonder whether you’re just making this whole vinyl thing up.

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