Bruised Bad Apples

Bruised bad apples crawling through the night …

I only own one Mötley Crüe record and I didn’t buy that one, it’s a copy of the 12″ of Hooligan’s Holiday I got from my brother in 1998, back in the day I did buy Theatre of Pain only to sell it after a month because I thought it was lame and this from a Jetboy fan! Don’t get me wrong I had bits of their LPs taped, but I always had them down as a 2 or 3 song band, there only ever seeming that number of decent songs on every LP they made; if you like hard rock you can’t argue with ‘Wild Side’, in particular.

I’d written the band of as a complete irrelevance before the release of the wonderful ‘The Dirt’.  Which is a book I just love, in fact I’ve just read a big chunk of it again today.  They were never too much cop at the music end of things, but they had the whole rock star angle covered, easy.  I love books like this, basically and very unselfishly, Mötley Crüe took every noxious substance and banged every underwear model / aspiring actress in Hollywood for us, so we can just get on with our jobs every day secure in the knowledge that there aren’t lines or slinky starlets out there going untended to.  It is a great read, just wash your hands afterwards.

Drop dead beauties stompin’ up a storm, lines of hell on our face
Bruised bad apples crawling through the night.

On the back of the book really, I went to see them in 2005 on their Carnival of Sins tour and, big spectacle aside, they really weren’t very good apart from when they played ‘Wild Side’ and ‘Girls, Girls, Girls’ when the whole band just lit up and took off (not literally, although that would have been some damn spectacle!) – my abiding memories of the gig were wondering how Vince Neil ever made his living as a singer and the lengthy segment where Tommy and Nikki amused themselves by cajoling various ladies into revealing their assets – neither Mrs 1537, or I had a go – I considered that the inevitable stampede of excited ladies the sight of my manly torso would provoke, would only distract fatally from the show.  If I was a hot rock chick (a bit of a stretch I know) you’d have to play a damn sight better to see my tits than the Crüe did that night in Manchester!

But I digress, Hooligan’s Holiday, featuring John Corabi (a man who can sing) is a really decent track.  I like this tune for the reasons that most Crüe fans probably don’t, it’s got good strong vocals* and I really enjoy the way it goes off-piste and flirts with techno and dance beats for 3 minutes in the middle section of the extended 10:37 version; in some ways prefiguring Tommy Lee’s later Methods of Mayhem LP, which I still maintain sounds good while you’re running.  The two other mixes do what 12″ mixes usually do which is to take all the bits of a song I like and throw them out the window, whilst dancing on the remains, in a bad way.

Great rock stars, dodgy music but a good strong tune here.  Next!

125 Down.

*am I the only one who wonders what may have been if they’ kept faith in him? probably!

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