Reality Check

Taking advantage of Mrs 1537 being out I thought I would see how many LPs I had bought this year*

Mrs 1537: How many ?!!
Mrs 1537: How many ?!!
Mrs 1537: How Many ?!
Don’t walk!

123 Down (still)

Running out of room – time for another hobby?

*apologies to Gallon Drunk, Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band, Thelonious Monk and The Heavy, who I forgot to add to the mosaic.

12 thoughts on “Reality Check

  1. And might I say that the veritable wall of vinyl is a thing of beauty. Awe-inspiring, and something this Midwestern schlep can aspire to.

    Absolutely stunning.

  2. Nice. Very nice.

    But what’s this talk of “new hobby”? That’s defeatism. Rubbish. I think it’s time to add that vinyl wing onto the house. A vinyl library of sorts.

    Wooden Shjips…Clutch…Coltrane’s Giant Steps…excellent.

    1. Thank you – the space next to the fireplace on both sides was just made for LPs. It’s a bit sobering if you pile it all up like that and think about the money…so it is a good haul, but…

      So much still to get, can you believe I only bought Powerslave & Piece of Mind this year? shocking dereliction of metal duty.

      1. You are definitely sent to the back of the Metal class for that hahah. Better late than never though. Please tell me you have Live After Death already.

        Are they originals or the recent reissues? Or are they more of the good old Fame versions?!

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