So far with one or two minor exceptions and dead ends my trawl through the 1537 has been a predominantly positive experience, so I suppose it was inevitable just through the sheer weight of numbers involved I would stumble across a bad ‘un, unfortunately Edward Ball Catholic Guilt is such a one.  I bought this LP after buying a single by him, ‘The Mill Hill Self Hate Club’ and quite liking the tune – I used to love singles, I’d happily go into Virgin or HMV on a Monday lunchtime and pick up three or four that took my fancy*, before first Virgin and then HMV decided that no-one bought singles any more.

I hate that argument by the way! one of the main reasons why people didn’t buy singles, and incidentally one of the reasons why folks don’t buy vinyl anymore is simply that they were not given the option to by the chain stores.  It’s a specious argument at best.

Anyway, liking the single I bought the LP when it came out in May 1997, despite the fact it had a pretty pants cover featuring Mr Ball’s bald head next to a London dome (not sure if it is St Pauls Cathedral).  The LP was on the Creation label, then basking in the success of Oasis and features various members of Ride and the Boo Radleys and various other indie alumni; none of whom meant much to me.

Unfortunately the LP, with the exception of ‘The Mill Hill Self Hate Club’ which still sounded a bit perky is just mush, slightly indie-tinged poppy mush.  In fact Catholic Guilt‘s self-satisfied Londonisms got right up my nose, the likes of ‘The Hampstead Therapist’ and ‘Docklands Blues’ in particular.  The second side is just dire.

As I was always taught that I shouldn’t say anything, if I couldn’t say anything nice – I’ll park this entry here.

117 Down.   (usual 1537 caveat applies**)


*swearing in the title and/or coloured vinyl guaranteed their purchase.

**pants though this LP is, it’s a damn sight better than any I have ever made.

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  1. If this is your rate of bad albums, you are an expert music selector or have broad tastes. Either way, that’s a good thing! I felt happy at disliking about 1 in 10. Obviously, I should listen to you more and me less.

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