100 down already, I have to say I’m surprised how quickly this has all come about. Since starting my blog entirely on a whim after my daughter got a DJ Lego figure in November and making myself laugh by posing it on the covers of Dopesmoker and Cosmogramma, it has grown a bit.

I like doing it for a few reasons, firstly because I like the discipline of sitting down every night and writing for an hour, no rewrites, no editing and click ‘publish’. Also because it makes me rummage around in my collection and not only amongst the stalwarts I play all the time.

But mostly because I have realised that there are other dubious characters out there who will read and who seem to actually enjoy my self-indulgent nonsense. So thank you to everyone who has liked something enough to click ‘Like’, or even better to leave a comment. It really helps. Particular thanks to Mr Hubner & David Soundslike (or is that David Orange?), for their kindness.

Only 1437 to go.

100 Down.

Cherrydriver ?
Cherrydriver ?

4 thoughts on “Three Figures

  1. OK, I have to confess something. I tried to figure out the odds of you picking the same album twice employing my professional geek skills. I should have known that, if you had a count, you’d have a system!

    1. U, H & V to go – unless something else grabs me. I do hope you allowed for mood variables as well as accessibility issues – P through T are at eye level and therefore I would say more likely to be picked, whereas M – N involve moving a chair.

      It’s easy now, ask me again when I’m 1170 down and you’re reading my fourth wildly conflicting review of Peace Sells…

  2. You write like a seasoned pro, so finding out you’ve only been doing this since November is surprising, and impressive. Amazing what a Lego figure can inspire us to do.

    Looking forward to your next entry. Cinderella’s Night Songs? Kings X’s Gretchen Goes To Nebraska? Supergrass’s I Should Coco? Badlands’ Voodoo Highway?

    Whatever it is, I’m looking forward to it

    1. Thank you, as always. The choosing is one of my favourite parts, am currently trying to ensure I’ve worked through the alphabet (yes, I am that anal).

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