The Jesus & Mary Chain: HRNG

That’s Homemade Random Name Generator, folks.  As Mr & Mr Reid aren’t doing the decent thing and producing more wasted black-clad classics for us to enjoy, we’ll just have to help ourselves.

Simply take one dice (remember them? I like dice*) and note down the results three times, the prefix ‘-‘ indicates the last word is added to the first.

Column A:                                                                                                             Column B:

1.  Dark                                                                                                                      1.  -driver

2.  Rain                                                                                                                      2.  -life

3.  Snake                                                                                                                   3.  Love

4.  (Go to Girl-name generator)                                                                         4.  County

5.  Leather                                                                                                               5.  Charm

6.  Fluffy                                                                                                                  6.  Booty

Girl-name Generator:

1.  Cherry

2.  Cindy

3.  Cherry

4.  Cindy

5.  Cherry

6.  Velvet

There you have it, just roll away and create the cover art yourself.  Personally I’m working on the preliminary sketches for ‘Snake County’ as we speak!

(if I could get proper columns sorted, it would all look a lot neater!)

Cherrydriver in the rain / Makin' love til we're insane
Cherrydriver in the rain / Makin’ love til we’re insane

*to the point where, due to a teenage role-playing past, I still own far too many – most with far too many sides.

8 thoughts on “The Jesus & Mary Chain: HRNG

  1. I’m late to the JAMC party. Just bought Psychocandy on vinyl not long ago at all, so I’m still learning about the brothers Reid. I do know this: BRMC has made a career out of ripping JAMC off.

    I have noticed a general love of 50s rock ‘n roll with these guys. I’ll have to check out Darklands.

    1. Lots of people have made a decent living from ripping off the Reid brothers. Better late to a party than never, even though the hosts of this one have gone to bed and there’s no drinks left, but at least you pitched up to say hi!

      1. I’m very fond of ‘Whatever happened..’ From the first LP, never got around to buying it though. There’s too much music out there!

      2. I’m a fan of the first two BRMC records. And I didn’t know of their JAMC posturing till I heard ‘The Living End’ not long ago and thought it was BRMC. TTFN. WWJD? WKRP.

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