Best Dance Song Ever

‘How could I dance with another ?’

Lady Miss Kier may well ask, my answer is I couldn’t. This is my favourite dance song ever and I warn you all whenever I hear it I have to dance it’s not a voluntary thing at all. I associate this pure and simply with university, or to be more precise with going to Leeds Poly Bop on Saturday nights. It always seemed to be on and it was always the highlight of my night. A few years ago I had cause to walk past Leeds Poly (Leeds Met, as it is now) and, wonder of wonders I could hear Deee-Lite’s Groove Is In The Heart playing out and that made me a very happy old man. Funnily enough I didn’t buy this 12″ until the year I finished at Leeds, purely for nostalgia reasons I guess.

It’s difficult to write about a track built purely for dancing to. What’s to say? It’s got a funky beat and I can bug out to it? (To paraphrase various Beastie Boys). Thanks to various Herbie Hancock samples, Bootsy Collins bass magic and cutesy French-a-delic stylings it’s got the lot. Bits where I can wave my arms in the air, bits designed for 1537 butt-shaking and bits for even more vigorous dancing and dangerous arm waving.

I never really understood why they released I with an inferior double A-side, ‘What is Love’, when this was just such a stone- cold winner. I just love it entirely unreservedly. Come the apocalypse and I bet you’ll be able to still hear its ghostly echoes in a certain building in Leeds. True story.




30 down.

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  1. Without a classic in dance, funk, club and disco. So ahead of time – still funky as hell. If someone dislikes the fantastic Groove is in The heart – they need to take a reallitycheck!

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