The Big F. This one, bought on 31.08.90 by me suffered a bit from being sandwiched between the purchases of two of my fave LPs, TPOH’s One Sided-Story and Ritual de lo Habitual.  I was looking for different at the time, something more cerebral, something which was a step up from all the bands telling me to Lick it into shape, Licking it up and Sliding it in – frankly because I was doing a damn sight more cogitating than copulating.  Oh and because I was the brightest mind of my generation, or to be honest any generation ever in the whole history of generations, probably.

This LP fitted the bill.  Low key cover, with moody pic of band and artwork lifted from Bosch – check! power trio – check! slightly pretentious track titles – check! recommended by Kerrang! – check!  Turns out the band were the nucleus of Berlin, without chick, which we were always being told were a decent rock band at heart – not that we listened.  So far so good and when I stumbled across this in Bridgwater, I bought it.

The F stands for ?
The F stands for ?


That’s where it goes a bit wonky.  The sound is a bit Cult-ish and sounded a bit like Crazyhead to me and I didn’t like them very much.  The problem is that for all their sinewy chops and muttered lyrics about power and drugs and forsaking standard song structure, they forgot to bring any tunes to the party.  Not a one.  Playing it twice recently, I was struck by this.  It isn’t that I am being unkind here, I was looking for tunes.  None found.  No wonder I can remember only playing one side of this LP every so often. Really unusually for me, I never leant this or taped it for anyone; that’s a pretty telling fact.

There was/is just nothing to hang my interest on here, no real riffs, no real soloing and no real tunes – I can cope with that to a degree, sometimes, but here I just found it a bit depressing.  If I had to pick a best track I would go for ‘Power Pig’, or ‘Monkey Boy’ but that’s just because I like the titles really.

There are people out there on the internet who rave about this band, very articulately too.  I really can’t see it myself.  No buried treasure here.

Oh dear, a bit of a negative power piggy  aren’t I?

21 Down.

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