Very Moody, Nice hair

Warrior Soul Last Decade Dead Century (1990) bought by me on 02.08.90 just in time for dancing to at summer parties.  I mail-ordered it because it was supposed to be alternative, apocalyptic and political and the review mentioned my beloved Jane’s Addiction.  Wasn’t it the great Mr Loaf who sang 2 out of 4 ain’t too bad?   I wanted something a bit more serious than sexist tales of hot chicks on Sunset Strip and I got it, in a way.  ‘I See The Ruins’ and ‘Downtown’ all pack a punch, at the expense of some melody, it has to be said. The lyrics all seemed pretty deep to then-me, although most of it reads like bad sixth-form poetry to now-me, including the cardinal sin of all earnestness, over and misuse of the word ‘rape’.  All together now (from ‘In Conclusion’)  ‘ Near the unspoken / See without sight / Learn yourself inside’.

‘The Losers’ is a good track, sort of Bon Jovified Killing Joke, apocalyptica-lite, nice melody, good sing-along chorus for all of us acne victims at the time (ironically sung by a man who every metal chick of my acquaintance fancied hugely, mainly on account of his fab hair),

Here’s to the losers

 The substance abusers

 To the rejects

All the imperfects

 ‘Cause I think we’re beautiful

It amuses me now, because blatantly Warrior Soul, angry though they undoubtedly were, still couldn’t quite forget the fact they were in the entertainment industry; or their record company wouldn’t let them at least.  Best of all is ‘Charlie’s Out of Prison’, about being the ex-driver for a drug dealer who’s just got out with a score to settle.  It’s just the right side of relentless and chilling and it really does hit the mark, this is not ‘Nuthin’ but a good time’ territory.

I didn’t used to listen to this one much, it wasn’t that sort of album, I quickly put the couple tracks I liked best onto compilation tapes and forgot about it really.  I still feel it desperately needs a better cover and inner sleeve than it got too – shame on you Geffen.  This time around?  I’ve put the two tracks I like on my pod and that’ll be that really until maybe one of my children ask me why the man with the lovely hair was so cross.

I last heard of the band being the opening act of the Sisters of Mercy and Public Enemy tour in the states, by that time though they had lightened up a bit and had covered ‘Rocket 88’ and ‘Interzone’ …
It really was lovely hair, you know.
10 Down.

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  1. I love this album! I have to skip the spoken word track because it bores me rigid but other than that it’s fantastic!

    I remember a bunch of friends saw Warrior Soul supporting Metallica and they all complained about the “I think we’re beautiful” lyric. I guess they thought he was either just bragging or taking the piss? They still all ended up buying the album!

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