Princess Pang & The Art of Makin’ Loose Juice

Tears keep fall in' down ... What!!?!
Tears keep fall in’ down … What!!?!

Princess Pang (1989). Bought by me on 09.01.90 and listened to pretty sparingly. I’d read about them in Kerrang! and fancied a slice (always Kerrang!, it’s rival Metal Hammer was always full of articles about scary people like King Diamond and a bit, well, European). They had a good Aerosmithy strut and a chick called Jeni Foster sang – sadly none of them had comedy metal names, but you can’t always have it all. They, rather inevitably, went for a rock gypsy look, lots of scarves, feathers and at least 2 of the four guys are wearing hats (I hope the lead guitarist, Jay Lewis is too, for the sake of his family; although sadly I fear that may be his own hair) and the drummer, Brian Keats, looks exactly like a genetic experiment in splicing an Izzy Stradlin with a Chris Robinson (‘They called me mad you know, said it couldn’t be done! Mwahh-ha-ha-ha. Behold my creation!’).

Listening to it again in 2012 I’m struck by how good the opening track ‘Trouble in Paradise’ is, great tune, good earthy singing and very good production (Ron St. Germain). I surprised myself by humming it tunelessly in the car on the way to work a week after I’d first played it again. I just watched the video on YT as well, well worth a look.

It all goes a bit south from there on though, ‘South St Kids’ and ‘No reason to Cry’ are okay, but that’s as much as I can stretch to. There’s nothing that takes off here, nothing which lots of other bands weren’t doing. The lyrics were, unfortunately, purchased wholesale from Clicheworld; lots of ‘brain…insane’, and the surely mistranslated from Serbo-Croat, ‘Tears keep fallin’ down / Into a sea can only rape you’ (China Doll).

Overall, one good track, dodgy lyrics and a chick singer who looked a bit like a lion were my impressions 20 years ago and I have to say I wouldn’t disagree much now. Altogether now-

Shakin’ breakin’ makin’ loose juice
Outta secondhand poets cryin’

Time for me to stop typin’ and persuade my kids to stop fightin’ and then do my ironin’.

7 Down.

(slightly modified and reprinted from my legendary previous blog)

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