Meet Joan Jett

She’s arrived! Meet Joan Jett.

Joan Jett

Named by Mrs 1537, she seems to be the most dominant of the four hens we got yesterday.  There’s a certain black leather attitude about her that we dig, oh and her breed is Black Rock.  Oh yes!

683 Down (still).


12 thoughts on “Meet Joan Jett

  1. Now that’s proper rural stuff right there. Years ago my father-in-law had some hens and we used to go over and take care of them when they’d be on vacation. It’s a lot of work, but fresh eggs were a pretty nice payoff. Unfortunately the hens were taken out one by one by a pesky fox, Roald Dahl-style. So much for being a gentleman farmer.

    It was fun while it lasted. Joan Jett looks like a fine specimen. Hopefully she doesn’t develop a bad reputation.

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