I’ve always loved Easter because it marks the time when you start to see some proper Spring-like weather, you get time off school/work and I get to demonstrate my almost supernatural ability to eat vast amounts of chocolate eggs in a single sitting.  I have a lot of happy memories of it as a child.

Easter cake, made by me.
Easter cake, made by me.

But I feel it is important at this time of year not to lose sight of the very real spiritual meanings of the festival.  It all started way back in the mists of time and dawn of the dinosaurs when the Roman goddess Ovulus, goddess of lady functions and hens and stuff like that, first got with the gigantic bunny-shaped Greek god of all depravity, days off work and licentiousness, Choculatus.  From this we get the tradition of feasting on moulded chocolate eggs full of great-tasting treats inside, to celebrate the (ahem) coming together of the divine beings and the invention of the four-day weekend.

Table of a family about to give thanks to the Great Choculatus.

We must not forget these origins, or we will all be poorer for it.  True story.

645 Down (still).

24 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  1. Very poignant Joe, Thanks to your spiritual input I’m a better person. Or at least a better chocolate eater.

    BTW, which are you standing on for the table photo, a chair or the dining table itself? Or have you grown substantially taller. Just asking.

    1. Haha, no I just drew myself up to my full 5’11” (and a half) to take the pic. Our clocks have gone forwards and so everything here is immediately better, brighter and happier – magic!

  2. ‘and stuff like that’ – I believe that’s straight from the official scrolls!
    Though not faithful to the Ovulus origin story, at this time of year, I always enjoy Fred Astaire/Judy Garland in Easter Parade

  3. Such a beautiful sentiment here. It’s great to be reminded of the real “reason for the season”. I went and got out my Ovulus Easter t-shirt and put on Exodus’ ‘Choculatus Or Bust’ concept album.

    ‘Twas a wonderful Easter.

  4. Wow, nice cake! Are those Cadbury Mini Eggs? Mmm…Cadbury Mini Eggs…
    Your set table looks like something out of Better Homes and Gardens! Happy Easter!

  5. Happy Easter to you and yours. And there was I believing some religious crap about zombies. Now I’m confused.There’s more than one version of the Easter story? My own understanding was that Easter Eggs were first found in Inca sites in Peru, thus proving (according to Ancient Alien Theorists*) the eggistence of aliens.Yeah,apparently, the first one ever found had a face-hugger inside. And like, the guy who was infected, some arkeeologist, had a small rabbit burst through his chest six weeks later. Heavy shit. But it was ok, coz they made some film about it.

    * Truth Tellers,you sheeple.

      1. You still believe that Skully wasn’t replaced with a government implant? I’ve sent you the video-taped evidence. She looks way different in season two. How come? Government Dopplegangers, that’s how.They’ve got them for all of us. That’s how they manipulate Tv and everything.

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