My Fave Rom Com

I don’t normally do this, but this amused me hugely today, especially as I’d not long ago watched the original with my son and heir.

Thanks to Ste for pointing me in the right direction.

635 Down (still)

The Shining

25 thoughts on “My Fave Rom Com

    1. Thank you Mike, I was really very proud of it – I think I captured the essential ‘woodness’ of the door frame just right … in blue pen. i’m particularly pleased some other guys liked it too, thank you for showing them.

      1. No worries! My work buddies are not music fans, but they do love that kind of humour. We then re-watched the trailer. The weird thing is it only makes me want to watch the real movie.

      2. Me too, but I really think that was such a clever thing to do with it – especially to sneak that kiss scene in there. I think I’d be disappointed to see it now and not find it a heart-warming family film!

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