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I’m struggling with 12-hour days this week, trying to get all my work done before pushing off on my holidays next week and so I’m really finding it hard to get any blogging done at all, in fact I’m getting borderline stressed about the whole thing – it’s funny, for someone who has to grapple with deadlines all the time 9 – 5, I seem to have adopted the same way of working at home; what a dweeb!  I am even struggling to reply to comments and to comment on others’ posts at the moment – a real sin as far as I’m concerned.   And so, as I’m sure you don’t want to read the drooling ramblings of a terminally tired dude, I’m admitting defeat and packing it all in now.  See you all at some point in the future, refreshed from foreign adventures.


What? still here my loyal followers? okay inspired, as I am often by my Midwestern chum JHubner73* I’ve been thinking about all the new music I’ve bought this year, some good, some really very good stuff in fact, but nothing quite as good as my fave LP of last year Pontiak Innocence, which is fast on its’ to being a real all-timer for me.  But anyway, I like lists, you like lists**, so let’s have some of my faves this year so far, in no particular order at all:

1.   Bad Guys Bad Guynaecology.  Rock Neanderthals, rule!

2.  Songhoy Blues Music In Exile.  Blistering Malian guitar workout.

3.  Ufomammut Ecate.  Doom space metal from my holiday destination.

4.  White Hills Walks For Motorists.  I like big bass and I cannot lie …

5.  Andalusia Rose First Stone.  Really intriguing music from a fellow blogger and a singer who, on this evidence can swing with Grace Slick in her prime.

Saxon Wheels 04

Bring on the rest of the year!

573 Down (yet again).

*not real name – why, of why do these blog people insist on hiding behind numbers? weirdos.

**I can tell by the way you walk.

37 thoughts on “Intermission

  1. Funny, we were just having this conversation over on HMO’s site. You just gotta do what’s sustainable, man, no need to apologize for taking care of business first. Of course, we’ll miss you completely and pine away with deep wailing sobs the whole time you’re gone but don’t worry about us. You go find yourself. We’ll be… OK… sniffsniffsobsniffcry…

    But seriously. Enjoy your vacation in whatever destination you’ve chosen! We’ll be here when you get back. And make sure you have a neighbour on tap to get your mail while you’re away. I can’t believe you haven’t gotten any mail lately…

  2. Ha, me too, 1537, me too. The thing is, I am on holiday now, but too damn busy running around getting stuff done to relax! I need to get back to my busy job so I can pay more attention to my blog! Enjoy your time away!

  3. Hey there, 1537. Hang in there, you only have a couple more 12 hour work days, then you’ll be in a gondola in Venice chasing Russian spies like James Bond. Or whatever you do on holiday. Hope it’s a great time away.

    And I completely get the stress thing. If I don’t get something done everyday I feel I’ve failed myself, let alone society and the world at large. I appreciate you pushing through exhaustion to give us your list of favorite albums so far this year. Three of the five are completely new to me. Looking forward to digging into them.


    1. Thank you, I can’t wait for the spy chasing adventures. I’ve never been to Italy before and I can’t wait, although I can’t help worrying that I’m probably a bit scruffy by Italian standards – maybe I should wear my newest Megadeth T-Shirt, rather than the original Peace Sells one?

    1. Wimp it is then! I’m still a bit touch and go on that front, entirely because of your rotten timing, rather than lack of desire for you (did I type that wrong, or was that one of those Freudian thingys).

      1. Four volatile people packed into a confined space for days on end. What could possibly go wrong?

        I predict far too much Taylor Swift for my liking …

      2. Sadly, despite my attempts the car is a democratic republic of sound and not the benign dictatorship I’d like it to be. Despite me knowing best about everything.

      3. Remember to drive on the left(wrong) side of the road. As for 4 people in a tiny box for a week I might make a better suggestion for you. A solo trip to Cuba to a resort named Guantonomo Bay for a week of relaxing waterboarding, nose hair pulling and atomic wedgies.

        P.S. If you run into the real Joey can you ask him if you can record him singing Final Countdown on your cell phone. Perhaps you could also make Billy Low a mixed tape.

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