Nick Fury And The Fish

I love music, I love old comics – well dang me, if in the November 1969 issue of Nick Fury Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D these parallel interests of mine didn’t converge.  Now I already showed you a previous issue featuring a mind-controlled band as baddies, but this is different because Nick is taken, by his younger date, to see a real band, none other than Country Joe & The Fish.

I find it fascinating as Nick’s attitude mirrors those of the Marvel artists and writers who created him – he’s older, pro-establishment, distrustful of all this unfettered youth and free love – but he clearly sees the need to play along in order to snare a piece of tail*.  So what happens when he’s having his mind-broken by Country Joe & The Fish playing ‘Superbird’**? well the sniper super villain Bullseye shoots him in the head … far out.  This comic is so much of its time, it virtually reeks of patchouli.

Shield 01

Shield 02

Good start to a date - God, I've seen that look so many times ...
Good start to a date – God, I’ve seen that look so many times …

Shield 04

Shield 05

Shield 06

Shield 08

Shield 081

Shield 082

Shield 083

Shield 084

Shield 085

But let’s leave that cliff-hanger right there and get to one of my fave comic bits from the 60’s, the ads. I’m definitely going to be sending away for the he-man voice training, time to send a cheque to Eugene Feuchtinger^; my nails are perfect so I don’t need to worry about that.

Shield 086

And as a bit of a bonus check out these two 1969 beauties, in the last one Nick appears to be battling Salvadore Dali.

Shield 088

Shield 089

540 Down (still).


*Hell, we’ve all been there Nick.

**they didn’t get to the about making LBJ drop acid, unfortunately.

^Feuchtinger, he’s the man, the man with the Midas touch …

21 thoughts on “Nick Fury And The Fish

  1. I love how Nick Fury is almost like Alan Moore’s “The Comedian” from Watchmen in this. Fury seems so gruff and grizzled, like a proper WWII or Korean War vet. And of all bands to see, they see Country Joe and the Fish. Classic.

    1. That’s very true actually I hadn’t picked up on that. I know what you mean, I wonder if he went to see The Mothers of Invention in the next issue?

  2. I had no idea this existed! So awesome. And fntastic reportage, and I really appreciate all the images and the fun of reading some of the panels, and do you really see giant eyeballs on first dates?

    1. Thank you, I love this treasure trove of comics I was given.

      My last first date was way over 23 years ago, so I really can’t remember – possibly. It’s a good idea not to get assassinated on a first date though, I remember reading that in an advice column once.

  3. So glad to see you’re a silver age Marvel man! Me too, but I am awfully fond of the Golden Age E.C’s (Harvey Kurtzman was a genius!). I’m coming around to some DC stuff, though…

    1. My uncle just gave me binders and binders full of them a couple of years ago. All worth very little because he took them apart and preserved them in a binder but that’s not the point … well, when I occasionally see them go for $2-300 US on eBay I grit my teeth.

      Nick Fury, Doc Strange, the Demon, Deathlok, Conan, Krull, all the old Jack Kirby ones … I’m a lucky man.

    1. It’s what happens when you expose a square to too much free love and a funny protest song.

      Sadly I’m missing the next issue, so I may never know (unbound copies fetch approx. $200 US – my uncle very kindly gave me a bunch of ones he’d bound himself).

  4. Great stuff, mind broken. Apropos of nada, Nick Fury is a great name, isn’t it. In one past job iteration I worked with various Brit military folk. I remember three of their names (or at least the names they gave me; I’ve always been more than a little suspicious and now even moreso). Evan Fury, Nick Champion, and (something) Molehurst-Cocksworth.

    P.S. If you run into any of them over there on your island and they tell stories of a Yank named “Grizz Malone,” I’d be interested in hearing about it…

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