Finally, finally AC/DC Rock Or Bust arrived this morning.  I’ve spent most conscious minutes of the day listening to it since and I really, really like it.  The vinyl is sumptuous, at least 180g thick, big hologram logo cover, really nice booklet – no expense spared, a nice object too.

Best bit of the album though? this full-page in the booklet, it rather touched me:

Rock or Bust 01

481 (man) Down (still).

29 thoughts on “Touched

  1. Definitely on my list. Vinyl would be nice, CD would suffice. Hey I’m a poet. I could write an AC/DC lyric. Imagine that driving beat, that guitar…

    Collecting things,
    I’ve done it once or twice
    vinyl would be nice
    but CD would suffice
    but either way I know
    this ain’t no rolling of the dice

    Oh dear. That was pretty sad. Not nearly enough sex. Or menace. Alas, I’m not cut out to be a new band member today.

    1. I don’t mean to be critical but there is absolutely no mention or inference of/to the word ‘balls’ in there either – you failed Rule #1.

      But come on, work at it!

      1. Sorry, meant to post the chorus, which comes hot on the heels of that verse:

        Balls balls balls balls balls.
        Violence and menace
        titties and beer and seeeexxxxxx
        and balls balls balls balls balls!

      2. Ha”! can’t fool me, I’m sure that one was on Stiff Upper Lip!

        Brilliant – the contract for the 2015 tour will be couriered around in the morning; say goodbye to your family, Valhalla awaits!

      3. Excellent. My lawyer stands ready to make sure this contract isn’t like the last one. There will be no small print this time, those skeezy bastards!

        Especially when I’ve specially re-written the bridge part for the tour version of the song:

        I’m gonna get
        I’m gonna lick me some
        I’m gonna grope me some rock
        Rock! Rock! Rock! Roooock and…

        [insert chorus here]

    1. Yes, you know what you’re getting and its comforting. It won’t change your world, but it will make you smile and duck walk around your living room.

  2. This was very poignant. I was glad they referenced Malcolm in the booklet, or it would have been the elephant in the room.

    I’m pretty sure the pictures of Phil Rudd in the book are from the Black Ice photo shoot as well. He doesn’t look anywhere near as well these days.

  3. Damn. Same effect on me, dude. I don’t have this yet, so I hadn’t seen that before. I just let out this huge sigh.

    The hologram cover does look really cool. I expect your review tomorrow.

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