… When You’re Busy Making Other Plans

Being the borderline OCD dude I am it usually irks me when real life gets in the way of my blogging, I’ve just been too busy and/or too tired to do it much justice this week.  I’ve just come back from a few days in London where we (in no particular order) were invited to visit Parliament*, spent a lot of time walking around the older bits of the city, went to see Jersey Boys**, went to see the poppies commemorating the British casualties of WWI at the Tower of London^ and walked over Tower bridge, a building I have been obsessed with since I was a kid.  Beautiful, vibrant city – loved going, glad I live in a sleepy backwater.

So by way of a filler track, second-to-last track on Side 2 of the LP? or maybe just a bonus 12″ remix, have some eye candy;  my Halloween Cramps review will have to wait another year, you’ll live.

(sound of gentle snoring fills the air)

Some famous clock thing
Some famous clock thing
Love cities at night - spot Floyd LP cover reference, somewhere to the right of mon famille.
Love cities at night, lights and motion – spot Floyd LP cover reference, somewhere to the right of mon famille.
Tower of London Poppies
Each poppy a fallen soldier
I love the red against the ancient tower walls
I love the red against the ancient tower walls

463 Down.

*law making institution, not supersonic-psych-funk dudes.

**am currently obsessed with the song ‘Walk Like a Man’ like I haven’t been obsessed with a single song for years.

^very moving.

25 thoughts on “… When You’re Busy Making Other Plans

  1. The poppies are incredible. Fantastic pictures, you have a great eye.

    I’ve tried to maintain a one-per-day post minimum, with the exception of Christmas Day and Boxing Day (thought I usually end up posting on Boxing Day anyway). It’s hard work though, but I’ve done it because I have a huuuuge well of reviews that I wrote a while back, that just need to be polished and updated.

    However, that well has run dry, at least as fast as music is concerned. I have probably a month worth a movie reviews in there but I don’t want to get too much into movies.

    So having said all that, I think 2015 will be the year I have to slow it down to 1 post every 2 days, or 4 posts a week, or something like that. Believe it or not like you I have a life too! Music is just such a huge part of my life that it’s a daily thing anyway, whether I write about it or not.

    1. Thank you that’s very kind – I was pleased with them this time around, especially the one of my daughter and the poppies. I need to stop buying vinyl and buy a proper camera one day.

      The poppies have proven so popular they’re now telling people not to come and see it, closing the nearby tube station! Bizarre.

      You have a phenomenal work rate Mike, I’ve always been incredibly impressed. I never have any ‘in the bank’, I just write and post and then, usually go straight to bed because it’s gone 1am.

      I think you need to speed it up rather than slow it down, just plug directly into the matrix – beam your thoughts instantly onto your blog as you hear the music.

    1. I do too in short bursts. It was good to have a bit of a blow out too, after all it’s not like we have a major present giving festival on the immediate horizon … oh, bugger!

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