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Good afternoon chums, for my birthday today I was given something I really wanted – a beautiful, retro-looking portable record player.  I had wanted this for ages as a means of expanding my listening capabilities and meaning that I didn’t have to be so tyrannical about the music in my front room – if Mrs 1537 wants to do some work in there now she doesn’t, necessarily, have to do it to the sound of Dope, Guns & Fucking In The Streets just because it’s what I’m hell-bent on writing about that night.  It also means I can listen to vinyl in the room where the PC is, cue totally revolutionized life!

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I was also very, kindly given Teeth Of The Sea Master and apart from having to go to the doctor about my dodgy, yet very manly, chest I’ve had fun spinning it twice so far, and damn fine it was too.  Everything is great with the world.  It’s a damn fine the player is a damn fine specimen and resembles a fancy piece of luggage, ideal for the gentleman vinyl connoisseur.

Through my red mist !
Psychedelic times

332 Down (still).

Gentleman's luggage
Gentleman’s luggage

27 thoughts on “Portable Wonder

    1. Thanks, it is a thing of real beauty. I’ve still not had a chance to USB it up yet. It makes listening to my more antisocial tunes a lot easier.

    1. Thank you Bruce. A matching vinyl case would be good, although since it would be carried around by my valet, not essential. It’s great, a practical yet very aesthetically pleasing object. Happy days!

  1. Happy birthday! If I’m sizing it up correctly, now you can travel, and toss a change of pants in the new retro case, and with a briefcase full of vinyl, be set!

    1. Cheers David! To be honest, I’d skip the change of pants and chuck an extra record, or two in, instead. I’ve now got the means to bring the 1537 message to the world – I may set up some live reviewing and Lego shows. Coming to Fox Theatre, Boulder, CO before you know it!

      1. Can I be your roadie? I’ll throw in a chauffeured trip (is a Subaru Forester luxurious enough?) to Twist & Shout, the largest vinyl seller in the region.

    1. Thank you, I appreciate it. It plays really well, the sound isn’t as good as my main stereo (which ain’t anything flashy anyway) but it’s loud enough and good enough for my purposes. PLus you can hook it up to your PC and play the sound through that too, which I haven’t done yet. So far I’d heartily recommend it.

  2. I’ve often wondered about those portable players. I’d buy the damn thing on its looks alone. Snazzy. Looks like you should be wearing a suit as you open it to play some records. I’ve only seen the Crosley ones and I’ve heard much about them. Seems like an ideal way to bring the records to you….and your computer room. The idea of putting some old jazz records on computer is ideal as well.

    Birthday colds. A great reminder that you are indeed getting older.

    1. Obviously, I wear a suit at all times anyway; although I do often change into a smoking jacket once I get home from work. It is a thing of beauty, I didn’t just want to get a turntable I wanted to get something that would look nice too – thanks to Mrs 1537 (and the mini-1537s) mission accomplished. Colds -bleurgggh!

      1. I think I had a 5 year run where I was sick on my birthday. Not just a cold, but head/chest nastiness. I started to wonder if it was the universe bullying me into an early demise. Thankfully that hasn’t happened in some time. Stopping all the heroin freebasing with Keith Richards helped. We still get together once in a while for coffee.

        That player is seriously slick. Not sure how I could talk my wife into one, but I will certainly try.

    1. After careful consideration I’m going to turn down your offer, a Keyring made of jobbies doesn’t really appeal!

      It sounds fine, not as good as my main system, but as most of my music involves people screaming swear words, that’s not such an issue for me!

      1. Haha fair enough. My main system is pretty bottom of the range. I’m not much of an audio geek but I always wonder how the portable ones compare.

        Oh and Happy Birthday dear boy! I did mean to say that in my earlier comment. Terribly rude of me! You mentioned the doctors… hope everything’s OK!

      2. Thank you old bean. Nothing major, just a bit of an icky chest – they reckon that with the right care and attention and tunes, I may just pull through.

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