Terrifying Prospect

Katniss 01

This is what I was confronted with when I reached for an LP this morning, I was lucky to escape with my fingers unpunctured!  Katniss appears to have filed herself in the K – M section of my shelf, which is pretty impressive self-alphabetising when you think about it.

Katniss has previously appeared in 1537, maybe it’s like man-eating tigers, they just develop a taste for it.


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8 thoughts on “Terrifying Prospect

  1. During a period of travel I left my records [in their 6′ tall shelves] at my sister + husband’s home. Later, when reunited with my vinyl friends, I found many of the plastic covers and not a few LP spines sporting tell-tale punctures. Apparently the house-bound Siamese used the album towers for tree-climbing practice.
    After the marriage ended, the cats went with Mr rather than Sis.
    I did not mourn.

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