Irrational In Ardour

Crazy in Love 02

I’ve bought many records over the years for many reasons – out of curiosity, because I read a good review, to be hip and trendy, because of a sticker warning sensitive souls like me about swearing, because it was on yellow vinyl, to remind me of a time, because of nudity on the cover, but all these noble aims aside surely the most noble of all is just to buy one because you like the tune.  It’s why I used to buy so many 7″ singles, but at some point the single died and I just concentrated on LPs.

A bit of a throwback to those times for me is Beyoncé Crazy In Love, a great tune I just kept hearing and hearing until it stuck somewhere deep inside my brain.  Now I don’t want to blind you with the neuropsychology I’ve studied but for your delectation and education I have copied a diagram from a learned text book for you right here:

Tune Dome Diagram

So all in all basically ‘Crazy In Love’ set up the correct vibrations along my brainstem, which then resonated correctly in my Tune Dome, setting off the correct sequence of neuronal firings to stimulate the Vinylus Cravorium to the point whereby I shelled out my hard-earned.  Hearing ‘Crazy In Love’ in the correct setting will also precipitate neuronal stimulation of Dancius Abillitum, which of course can be doubly stimulated by the bolstering effects of alcohol.

You don’t need me to tell you ‘Crazy In Love’ was a state of the art slice of dancey R&B/hip hop with great sweeping bits, bouncy bits and a good rappy interlude bit from Mr Beyoncé, but like always its all about the chorus which comes belting down from on high borne on the celestial wings of Apollo.  In the grand tradition of all non Def Jam hip hop singles the B-sides are a complete load of pants too – how reassuringly traditional; although I was intrigued to see that the final mix was called ‘Krazy in Luv (Lego’s Poontin Muzik Dub)’.

crazy In Love 01

Great, great tune and notice I have not fallen into the sexist trap of mentioning the booty, not even once.*

285 Down.

* Booty

15 thoughts on “Irrational In Ardour

  1. Chico Campus ladies sing this song,
    Doo-dah, doo-dah!
    Hippocampus races five miles long,
    Oh, doo-dah-day!
    Medulla oblongata,
    Vinicus cravorium!
    Bet my memory on the amygdala,
    Don’t remember how the rest goes.

  2. Couldn’t bring myself to read the article but loved the pictures.
    Is the ‘Tunedome’ what gets flattened out by alcohol?
    Come to think of it, Will S observed that the ‘Chickocampus’ is thus afflicted.

  3. Don’t know about Beyonce or her music but if the Destiny’s Child “8 Days of Christmas” promo video is seared into my brain whereabouts in the diagram would that be? I don’t see the “Lecherephalon” area listed…

    1. I had no idea you were a fellow neurosurgeon – welcome aboard Dr HMO. As you well know a man’s Lecherephalon is not located anywhere near his head.

    1. Thanks Mike – nor would i but ‘Crazy In Love’ just hi-jacked me and I needed to be able to explain why through the medium of a biro and two highlighters.

    1. Why thank you! Part of the fun of doing pioneering work in neuro-anatomy is the sharing; that and like totally carving up dudes heads and stuff!

      It’d been a while since I favoured my followers with a diagram.

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