Hey, Gandalf, Nice dress !!


So there I was with a few minutes to myself and I looked up a favourite metal video of mine Artimus Pyledriver Swamp Devil

When I decided to check out Red Fang, who I’d never heard of before – I suddenly have a new favourite (video) band.  Basically if you like your metal videos to be amusing and uncomplicated, you’ve come to the right place.  I love all three of these, in descending order.

I think I’m in love.

245 Down (still).

14 thoughts on “Hey, Gandalf, Nice dress !!

  1. Dude you have a GANDALF LEGO FIGURE. That is something.

    My favourite kinds of music video were two:
    “We’re on a quest”-type. Example – Queen of the Reich, Holy Diver
    “Van Halen flying everywhere on stage”-type. Example – Panama

    1. All thse Dio ones are stone-cold classics, you gotta love RNR Children, Last in Line & the one where there’s a pervert on the loose and Dio jumps up and down on a roof a lot – can’t remember the name.

      Panama is great, but so is Jump – I love those and I’m not a big Van halen fan at all. Also Paradise City needs an honourary mention too – good stage/messing about hybrid.

      I could even chuck in Cinderella ‘Nobody’s Fool’ which I haven’t Youtubed yet, but 17 yo me found highly erotic (and not for the bassist’s hair!).

      1. Eric Brittingham 🙂 My best friend Bob had flaming ginger hair, and that was the style he wanted so bad. He used to say, “Imagine that, but in red!”

        All those Dio videos you mentioned are GREAT examples. Is it Rainbow In the Dark where he’s on the roof? I think it might be.

        Savatage – Hall of the Mountain King is another great “Quest” video. I’d also put Maiden’s Can I Play With Madness in that category even though it’s very different in that the band weren’t in it.

      2. I’m imagining it !

        … Madness was an excellent one – I’ve not seen any of these for hundreds of years; I need wife and kids to push off and leave me alone for an evening for a YT session.

      3. Just as an FYI, there’s an excellent Maiden DVD package with all their videos up to about Brave New World. It’s great,

        Special mention goes to ANYTHING with Nicko McBrain in it. How can one not be amused by Flight of Icarus?

  2. I do like my videos uncomplicated. But my favourite music video type would have to be the “here’s the band doing what they do on stage… but not really” type video. Like “Talk Dirty to Me”… “Crazy, Crazy Nights”… do bands still do that kind?

    1. The stage-act, but with more models and zip-wires type approach? I’m not sure actually.

      Red Fang just have it down, as far as I’m concerned. Who can resist live role play, crashing cars and a nude band shower scene? not me!

      1. Yes, that kind! And what about the candid behind-the-scenes montage video of a band looking tired and bored on the road? Not sure those happen now either.

        I did enjoy Red Fang more than the Artimus Pyledriver one but AP get extra points for the genius of their band name.

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