From Bee to You

I own a lot of records, a number of which are trash, a number of which are worth a bit of money and a few which are worth a packet.  Today’s record though is the most precious one of all, by far.  Just like that supermarket one that Jean Michel Jarre did years ago, this is a unique record – yup, the only copy there is in the world lives on my record shelves (neurotically alphabeticised between The Buzzcocks and Candi Staton).  Yes, the only one – forget all those picture discs I own which are limited to 3, 5 thousand copies, I own the only copy of Buzzys From Bee to You.


A bit of background, I love records, my daughter Martha loves bees and I quite like her, so one Sunday about 5 years ago we designed and made this fabulous work of art together  – I forgot to put a little sticker on the inside to say when it first appeared; out of character I know.

Their cover of 'Martha My Dear' soon became a firm fan favourite.
Their cover of ‘Martha My Dear’ soon became a firm fan favourite.

This cheers me up when I’m feeling blue.

112 Down (still)


5 thoughts on “From Bee to You

    1. Thank you, sometimes you need to remind yourself that you’re not as bad a father as you think you are at times – well, I do anyway.

      The Buzzys second LP ‘Bee Sides’ sucked and I just stopped collecting their stuff…

      1. And ‘Bee Good’ was just plain sappy. Some kind of public service requirement to work off?

        I’m sure you’re at least an adequate father and probably much much better. ‘Interesting’ probably applies and, worst case, that gives your kids stories to tell to their drinking pals later on. You’ll be represented at the pub for a long time!

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