The Wavey Hands Dance’re no good to me.’re no good to me.’re  no good to me.’re no good to me.

You’re no good for me,
I  don’t need nobody
Don’t need no one, that’s no good for me

Repeat 7 times and that’s the latest record I’m reviewing, Prodigy No Good (Start the Dance), banal lyrics* but a goddamn brilliant driving beat and one of my favourite tracks to do the (very) special 1537 Wavey Hands dance to.  Now as documented elsewhere I’m not averse to a bit of dancey stuff and The Prodigy proved to be the gateway drug that lured a few of us rockers in.  Let’s face it, they picked up on a lot of metal’s tricks in terms of song dynamics, scary-looking front men and started to use guitars, or synths which sounded like guitars, in tracks like ‘Their law’ and ‘Voodoo People’ and this was even before their big crossover Fat of The Land LP.

This 12″ isn’t that type of rock-orientated dance, or Digirock as some started to call it, this is techno dancey stuff at its joyous best as far as I am concerned, in fact in 1994 this single and a few others like it offered the shot of adrenaline that I needed and more conventional rock just wasn’t doling out anymore at that time; plus it was great to dance to – something I do very enthusiastically but not too well and absolutely love.  My moves to this one consisted of moving my feet very fast, paired with waving my hands in the air a lot too.

I tried it again last night in strict experimental conditions – Mrs 1537 and the mini-1537’s being safely out of the way in bed and lo and behold, the wavey hands dance made me happy again instantly**.  The main mix of this track is just excellent, in fact I heard it in so many night clubs it instantly zaps me back there again to a time when I was thinner and hairier.  As always the remixes are pants and follow 1537’s rule which dictates that remixes always end up taking out the bits of a track I liked best and then either speeding it up greatly, or slowing it down until it’s unlistenable, this 12″ is absolutely no exception at all.

So how did the lyrics go again?
So how did the lyrics go again?

108 Down.

*I can’t tell you how disappointed I was when I was 22 and had written some crap poetry, only to find that ‘banal’ does not, in fact, rhyme with ‘anal’ (I only knew the word written down) – and that’s a 1537 true story folks!

**although true scientific honesty compels me to admit to rugby-related euphoria and alcohol as potential confounding variables in the experiment here.

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    1. Sadly it has never been captured on film, it remains a thing of transient beauty.

      If you will, picture the sexual grace of a panther, the sure-footedness of a Himilayan mountain goat, the hypnotic menace of a cobra and the flailing arms of a windmill – you’re pretty much there !

      True story.

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