She’s … She’s Monstrous!

One thing I’ve really enjoyed about all the old Marvel comics I’ve got my hands on recently isn’t necessarily the main feature, which in the case of Kull The Conqueror are all pretty damn good.  No, its often the two or three page bonus stories you get afterwards which are intriguing.

This time out we’re heading off to the home of Sigmund Graasp.

Her 01

Her 02

Her 03

What a nasty little tale! Anyway before we get to the dénouement, let’s take in the mandatory advertising:

Look Impressive

Personally I’m going for deluxe sideburns and moustache in auburn ($10), not sure I quite have the gravitas to carry off a Deluxe Van Dyke – sign me up Masculiner Co!  I wonder what they did with all the samples of hair they received … maybe there’s a basement full of it somewhere in E.Orange, NJ?  But anyway, on with our feature presentation.

Her 04

How brilliant is that? a tale told by an IRON MAIDEN !!!!

306 Down (still).

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