Lou Reed R.I.P

Lou Reed 01

News has just come through that Lou Reed has been found dead at home.  I’m really saddened by that, he was someone who’d made 4 or 5 of my favourite LPs ever and probably inspired another 10 others.  He was always described as cranky and/or cantankerous but I always thought that even in his bleakest recording moments there was a discernible trace of humour, however miniscule.  I remember reading in an interview many years ago that he always tried to write lyrics like Raymond Chandler – I can’t think of a better way to write and you know what, by and large he got there.

I’m off to listen to him now.


Lou Reed 02

6 thoughts on “Lou Reed R.I.P

  1. Last of the great rock n’ roll curmudgeons. It wasn’t the music as much as it was his attitude that I loved about Lou Reed. Though on the whole, Transformer is nothing short of genius start to finish.

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