Liverpool Psych Fest

My friend Will has just persuaded me to get a ticket for this:

The Bill

It’s all happening (in the 60’s sense of the word) in the same place I saw White Hills / Mugstar at back in April, so should be really good.  Two whole days of trippy space jams, Red Stripe lager in cans, krautrock and possibly even, spontaneous outbreaks of shoegazing.

I can’t wait to see Moon Duo, Mugstar and Dead Meadow especially, but I’ve just found out that John McBain (ex-Monster Magnet) plays with Carlton Melton, who I’ve not heard yet and White Manna look damn fine too – I can smell more expense coming up on the horizon.

I do think Mugstar deserved a higher billing though.

203 Down (still)

P.S – if you click on the poster above to go to the website for the festival and then click on their logo, wild psychedelic things happen to you, briefly.  True story.

14 thoughts on “Liverpool Psych Fest

  1. That’s a massive line-up. Looks exciting, although I can’t say I’ve heard many of them. Look forward to a review.

    Also… camp and furnace. Do you get a choice? I prefer the sound of the camp.

    1. Ha! I’ve no idea where the name comes from actually, it’s a small club in a converted warehouse unit on a semi-industrial estate, just the wrong side of the city centre. Not somewhere I’d hang around outside too much.

      One part of it is called The Blade Factory; maybe it was.

      1. Ahhh with it being a festival I thought that meant there was a camp site and a furnace site. Sounded a bit sinister for a psychedelic celebration!

        In other news, I bought HOF’s De Vermis on your recommendation! Not listened yet but thanks for the tip!

      2. Cool, i get an immense kick out of spreading the word. i bought it because i misread ‘Serums of Liao’ as ‘Scrums of Liao’ – true story, i thought the opening track was rugby-themed!!

        Last track ‘Warhorn’ is my current fave

      3. There’s also WASP ‘Ruck like a beast’ and if you fancy some soul, Aretha Franklin’s ‘Young, Gifted and All Black’ … I’ll stop now

  2. This show sounds amazing! Moon Duo, Besnard Lakes, Night Beats, Psychic Ills, Holydrug Couple, and Cold Pumas? Damn. Cold Pumas are Brighton fellas. Love their album Persistent Malaise.

    I’m happy for you… and envious as well. Looking forward to the post-show blog.

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