Every so often ‘proper’ newspapers pen pieces on the best protest songs ever, Moby & Public Enemy Make Love Fuck War is one of mine and I can’t really see it being featured anytime soon; nestling alongside Sam Cooke’s ‘A Change is Gonna Come’, or ‘The Times they are a’Changing’.  Good, because none of them give me the righteous charge this does.

Inspired by 2003 Iraq war protests this is, quite rightly, an angry, angry song.  The lyrics aren’t much, lots of exhortions about ‘hands in the air’ and ‘power to the people / Because the people want peace’, this isn’t ‘Strange Fruit’ or even Public enemy’s own ‘Welcome to the Terrordome’, but its not about that.  Once again here, the medium is the message.  The cacophanous beats and the sheer joyous revolutionary rush of noise here are the whole point.  Geek as I am its interesting to note that all the music here is by Moby and as such he does a great impression of the Bomb Squad’s production.  Good enough that I wished they had done more together, he makes Public Enemy sound like they used to, i.e- heavier than most metal bands.

I can’t remember much about when this 12″ came out, not evidence of a government plot, more likely just the wages of releasing a track with a big, fat F in the title by two acts with little real commercial clout at the time.  Personally I file this under Public Enemy and I do, unfairly, think of it as one of their tracks.

This is not music to pen a considered letter to The Times to, this is music to smash up the symbols of oppression to, starting right here, right now, with this keyb                                                                                             !

Waiting for the 'Enemy
Waiting for the ‘Enemy

42 Down.

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