2014 Update (About The About Page)

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OK, OK – 2014 Update:

Two years in and it is entirely apparent that what may have started as an enquiry into the nature of, umm, stuff and things like stuff has deteriorated into an excuse to write increasingly smart-arse things about music old and new that I (mostly) love and would like you to too; as well as an excuse to balance bits of Lego and occasionally other objects on top of LP covers, sometimes amusingly.

It all started with that little Lego DJ figure that my daughter bought in November 2012 and in an idle moment I put on the cover of Flying Lotus Cosmogramma and then popped on the covers of ZZ Top Legs and Sleep Dopesmoker.  Lo and behold, 2012’s least-compelling mass cultural movement was born.  Quite how I made the jump from that to reviewing, at today’s count, 482 records is a bit of a mystery to me.

Not only that but at various times I could have been spotted by my neighbours balancing records on trays in the snow and creeping about in my garden shed at the, very metal, time of 11:58 balancing an LP on my lawn mower.

I like doing it, is probably the answer to both the above and my original intro below.  Looking back I’m a lot better at both writing and taking photographs of shiny objects under artificial light than I was in 2012, I am still Welsh though.

All Hail me!

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